We know that you have wide and varied options when it comes to choosing your estate planning attorney. There are solo practitioners who may offer you a feeling of importance to them and their practice, large firms that focus only on those with the wealth, tax issues and willingness to pay that works well for a large firm, and smaller firms that often look, feel and are essentially estate planning (and often revocable trust centered) factories.

So why choose Handler & Levine, LLC?

The answer comes down to the same reasons we advise our clients to pick their trustees, powers of attorney and other fiduciaries: Trust and Common Sense.

The principals of the firm, Norman B. Handler and Marc S. Levine, have decades of estate planning experience, regularly working with individuals, families, and generations of families, to help them plan for the regularly expected life cycle events, and the improbable, unexpected and tragic. Over those years we have earned their clients’ trust. We find common cause in making sure that our clients are dealt with fairly and personally.

We also believe that common sense should rule the estate planning process. We spend a lot of time, effort and paper dealing with not only the likely, but also with the unlikely and unexpected. We take the time to make sure that our clients are comfortable with not just the estate plan, but with the impact of that plan on their lives and the lives of their children and other family members. If an estate plan works for taxes, versatility and protection, but does not make common sense for your life, it will not work for you.

Our goal at Handler & Levine, LLC is to earn and retain your trust, and to make sure that common sense guides the estate planning we provide.