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Top Ten (okay Top Twelve) Reasons People Procrastinate and Don’t Do Their Estate Planning

This recent article from Fox Business News caught my eye with a great headline: The Sad State of Estate Planning: Why Only 34{93997c19cca2413204031df21c26e128a46aabe0f65d6d1b886d87d0d40a7681} Have a Will in Place The salient statistic is the results… Read More
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That Time of Year Again - Remember Off to College Estate Planning

Several times this year I have written about the importance of getting your adult (yes that means 18 and graduated from high school) kids to do some estate planning of their own. We even created a questionnaire just for the college student. Why is th… Read More
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Choosing Your People - Have You Chosen Wisely

Today on For Your Benefit with Bob Leins, the NITP weekly radio show dedicated to all things for the Federal employee, Bob and I spoke about choosing the people to name in your “documents,” be it the Agent under your Power of Attorney, th… Read More
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National Healthcare Decisions Day Is Here!

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin April 15 is, of course, tax day. That is where part of Benjamin Franklin’s favorite quote comes into play. But April 16 may play a part as well, as it is… Read More
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IRS Tips on Gift Taxes

As the April 15 deadline approaches for income tax return filing, IRS is coming out with many reminder regarding what you are required to file. One area that often causes confusion is gift taxes. As we discussed previously, the gift giving rules can… Read More
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Federal News Radio - This Morning We Will Be Talking About Estate Planning For Young Families

Come join me, and Bob Leins from NITP, this morning on the NITP show, For Your Benefit on WFED, Federal News Radio, to talk about issues related to estate planning for younger families. We will be talking about trusts for your children and the basic… Read More
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Relocating and Estate Planning - What Do I Need To Do Again?

Many people will relocate to another state upon retirement. A very common question we get in our seminars is whether or not your estate planning documents will be “good” in the new state? The answer to that question brings into focus the issue of… Read More
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NITP Monthly In-The-Know Newsletter - This Month Featuring Marc S. Levine

As discussed elsewhere on our website, Norman B. Handler, Anne H. Sullivan and myself do a lot of speaking for the National Institute of Transition Planning. In addition to the Federal government retirement seminars, we occasionally appear on the NIT… Read More
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George Carlin once said that the whole meaning of life is “trying to find a place for your stuff!” After years of administering estates and trusts, I have found that more problems arise with the question, “what happens to the stuff.”… Read More
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Off To College Estate Planning

An article a few months ago Forbes.com outlined something I have been suggesting to clients for years. There are two estate planning documents that everyone needs, from the day they turn 18 to the day they die. Those documents are a power of attorney… Read More
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