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New (Good) Estate and Gift Tax News - Just Not the News You Were Expecting

The IRS announced last week, in a visually stunning and well written Revenue Procedure (that is sarcasm) some good news for estate and gift taxes. They announced the 2018 inflation adjusted amounts for the annual exclusion gift, the estate and gift t… Read More
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Relocating and Estate Planning - What Do I Need To Do Again?

Many people will relocate to another state upon retirement. A very common question we get in our seminars is whether or not your estate planning documents will be “good” in the new state? The answer to that question brings into focus the issue of… Read More
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NITP Monthly In-The-Know Newsletter - This Month Featuring Marc S. Levine

As discussed elsewhere on our website, Norman B. Handler, Anne H. Sullivan and myself do a lot of speaking for the National Institute of Transition Planning. In addition to the Federal government retirement seminars, we occasionally appear on the NIT… Read More
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