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New (Good) Estate and Gift Tax News - Just Not the News You Were Expecting

The IRS announced last week, in a visually stunning and well written Revenue Procedure (that is sarcasm) some good news for estate and gift taxes. They announced the 2018 inflation adjusted amounts for the annual exclusion gift, the estate and gift t… Read More
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IRS Tips on Gift Taxes

As the April 15 deadline approaches for income tax return filing, IRS is coming out with many reminder regarding what you are required to file. One area that often causes confusion is gift taxes. As we discussed previously, the gift giving rules can… Read More
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529 Plans: Income Tax Advantages Augment Estate Tax Savings

As year end approaches, many clients are considering making gifts to children and grandchildren. Why do people wait to the year end for this? I am not sure, and advise my clients to make their gifts in the beginning of the year, rather then the end.… Read More
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Q&A: Can My Father-In-Law Give Us a 14k Gift? Can He Give Us More?

Occasionally, we will reprint questions and answers from clients – always with their permission and always edited for confidentiality. So a client wrote me an email today that is fairly common, especially this time of year, when clients talk to… Read More
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Norman B. Handler, co-founder of the firm, and beloved friend and mentor, died on December 26, 2020. Norman’s greatest trait as an attorney was not his legal knowledge, his tax experience or his inexplicable love of forms and calculations – i… Read More

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Marc S. Levine has been practicing law since 1992, all with Handler & Levine, LLC, and its predecessor firms. Marc regularly assists individuals and families in preparing their estate plans, including drafting their wills, revocable trusts, trust… Read More

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