Elder Justice Website Launched

We recently added a new link to our "Resources" page, helping people quickly access the Elder Justice Initiative Website.

That is because recently the United States Department of Justice launched the Elder Justice Website, a significant part of the DOJ's Elder Justice Initiative. The Elder Justice Initiative is intended allow a coordinated federal response to elder justice issues, through various public health and social service approaches to the prevention, detection, and treatment of elder abuse. The Elder Justice Act is Congress’s first real attempt at a comprehensive plan to address abuse, neglect, and exploitation of the elderly at the national level.

What can you do on the Elder Justice Website?

  • Individuals can report elder abuse, including financial exploitation of the elderly in all 50 states and territories;
  • Federal, State, and local prosecutors will find databases containing sample pleadings and statutes; and
  • Practitioners -- including professionals of all types who work with elder abuse and its consequences -- will find information about resources available to help them prevent elder abuse and assist those who have already been abused, neglected or exploited.

According to the DOJ, the Elder Justice Initiative website is

[I]ntended to be a living and dynamic resource. It will be updated often to reflect changes in the law, add new sample documents, and provide news in the rapidly evolving elder justice field.

Their goal is laudable and worth supporting:

We hope that this website serves as a forum to share information and resources so that, as a nation working together, we can fight elder abuse and financial exploitation and get to a place where we are all proud of how this nation supports its older citizens.

Please take some time to look over the Elder Justice Website, and forward it to anyone in your community that might benefit from it.