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Estate Planning - General

Estate Planning - General

Estate Planning - General We design estate plans to assure that clients’ net worth passes to their intended beneficiaries with minimal tax and administrative expenses, while maximizing flexibility and ease of use for clients during their lives and their families after t… Read More
Estate Planning - Federal…

Estate Planning - Federal Employees

Estate Planning - Federal Employees For the past twenty years, the attorneys at Handler & Levine, LLC have helped federal government employees plan for their families and for their retirement by participating in pre-retirement seminars geared to the particular needs of federal empl… Read More
Probate, Estate and Trust…

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration The most stressful attorney meeting for an estate, probate or trust administration client is often the one right after a loved one has died. No matter how prepared the client is, whether an estate plan is in place or not, most clients are entering in… Read More
Business Law

Business Law

Business Law For many years, Handler & Levine, LLC, through its principals, Norman B. Handler and Marc S. Levine, has represented clients in business, clients owning businesses and clients hoping to pass their businesses on to their families. Over the last se… Read More

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