Estate Planning for Individuals, Families, and Businesses

Estate Planning for Indiv…

We design estate plans to assure that clients' net worth passes to their intended beneficiaries with minimal tax and administrative expenses, while maximizing flexibility and ease of use for clients during their lives and their families after their deaths.

For many families, this means focusing on the ease with which the transition will take place; for others, it means focusing on the tax impact an unexpected (or even expected) death can have on a family; and for some families, it means making sure inherited assets are not quickly depleted by heirs who don't know how to manage them.

Customized Estate Plans for Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Families

Our estate plans often include the following:

  • Wills, including simple and complex planning
  • Revocable Living Trusts, both simple and complex, focusing on life, death and tax issues
  • Ensuring the proper use of beneficiary-designated and joint-owned assets as part of the overall estate plan
  • Estate plans for non‑traditional families and special circumstances, including:
    • Subsequent marriages and blended families
    • Unmarried couples with and without children
    • Families with children who have drug, alcohol and mental health issues
    • Families with children who have physical and mental disabilities
  • IRA Legacy/Conduit Trusts to help merge the goals of controlling assets and minimizing tax efficiently when dealing with families where a large part of the assets are in tax qualified accounts
  • Planning for incapacity, including the use of:
    • Revocable Living Trusts for incapacity planning
    • Powers of Attorney, including statutory and non-statutory documents
    • Advance Medical Directives, including modifications to improve the forms generally available

We have served the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area from our Bethesda, Maryland office for over two decades. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your estate planning needs.